Software Development

A project always starts as an idea or a need which generally provides a solution. With the advent of technology there is always a growing need for digitization of the primitive processes, procedures and office management equipments. Computers are now not new to any organization in fact they have become an integral part of it. But every concern has its own processes, procedures, identities and individualities and all these needs cannot be properly answered by the ready-made ready to use softwares. Hence, it becomes a serious issue concerning the digitization and automation of the concern and its processes.

Our software division was formed keeping in mind the demand of personalized, customized softwares for all concerns. We prepare totally customized software for you or your concern as per the exact requirements. This makes the concerns automation a welcome process by all the members. We have developed various softwares concerning to Accounts, Inventory Managements, Medicine Retails, School Automation, Hospitality etc.

The Process

1. Analysis of the requirement. 2. Detail understanding of the processes to be automated. 3. Study of their existing software (if any, in case of software upgrade) 4. Purpose and Significance of the software. 5. Expectations from the software.

After receiving the approval from the concern, we proceed for the designing of the software.

The planning phase

1. The basic structure is sketched and discussed. 2. All the functions, relationships, complexities, reports etc. are understood. 3. The basic design and type of the databases is prepared. 4. The planning for the User Interface is done in details. 5. Sections included are finalized and priorities are defined. 6. Amount of Data input and the expected Output is clarified.

The Designing phase

1. The Database is designed as per plan. 2. A basic User Interface is designed. 3. Functions, relationships etc. are embedded. 4. A basic working model of the software is made.

The Alpha Testing phase

1. The prepared software is tested in our lab by firstly the developers, then others. 2. The Errors or problems prevailing are noted and fixed. 3. New suggestions are invited from the group members. 4. The suggestions are noted. 5. The software is displayed to the client and suggestions are discussed and the final suggestions are noted.

The Beta Testing phase

1. The finalized suggestions and rectifications are applied to the software. 2. The looks of the software is furnished by integration of images, splash screens etc. 3. The software is delivered for final testing. 4. Problems or errors are noted and fixed.

Packaging phase

1. After the final approval the software is packaged. 2. The software CD is prepared and delivered to the concern. 3. Assistance is provided during initial installation and then on call basis in case of any errors reported.

We assure our clients our full support and assistance and any problem that occurs in the due course is taken care off in the shortest possible time.